An unexplained love Volume I



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« An unexplained love » is a love story as unexpected as it is complex: when Leïla meets Allan during a professional trip, she does not expect at all to find in him the love of her life!

And it is with no velvet that the man approaches her, without revealing his goals or his feelings.

When he declares himself, when feelings are born between them and bloom like flowers, Leïla understands that this path is strewn with thorns: Allan is married, father of a family. And Leïla’s divorce is not yet pronounced …

Despite its moral and Christian values, despite its refusal to live an adultery, love is the strongest: they become lovers.

But that doesn’t solve anything, because Allan is not free.

So what to choose? Stay in the shadows, be a friend, a confidante, a mistress … the one that we hide? Or fight his feelings and refuse this role, even if it means suffering?

Through Leïla’s experience, her capitulations and her sacrifices, her dreams and her tears, it is the story of an unconditional love that you will discover: the one whom, to live it, you must sometimes know how to give up …

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