An unexplained love Volume II – Rebuild



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After breaking up with Allan, a very painful decision, Leïla must flee Burundi and leave behind her current mission, her friends and this love … A love that she was forced to give up, the man of her dreams constantly slipping away!

The young woman therefore returns home, to her family and her children, and tries to heal her wounds. Despite the pain, despite the disappointment and the lack she feels from Allan, this break is salutary. Because the pain had made her forget who she is, deep within herself: a strong, independent and generous woman, a woman who deserves a sincere commitment, in accordance with her values! It is being rebuilt, little by little …

But Allan remains a wound that seems unwilling to heal; will she ever forget it?

Meeting Ryan, a long lost friend to sight of years and ready, now, to do anything to conquer his heart, will be a game-changer and accelerate everything!

Will Leïla choose to return to Burundi, to see Allan again? Or will she fall into handsome Ryan’s arms?

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